The Key to Andromeda

One of the great things about doing a degree in creative writing is that you get to meet a lot of other writers. One of my friends just finished her first novel – yay! This is the first chapter (and trust me, it’s only going to get wilder!).


Please enjoy the opening chapter of my novel, the Key to Andromeda. If you’re into it, give it a share!

Holly Colton was lying on her stomach underneath a hedge in a part of town where she had no business. The grey sky above was as dark as a bruise, and below, a twist of root dug into her ribcage as if to remind her how unwelcome she was. She wanted to manoeuvre into a more comfortable position, but she was afraid that someone would notice the movement and come over. That was ifSazand Elle didn’t give up the game beforehand; her two friends lay on either side of her and had been passing a bottle of vodka between them, unaware of how noisy their giggling had become.

‘Oh,shut up, you two,’ Holly hissed, but it made the situation worse.

Sazseized the bottle from Elle’s grasp and took a swig…

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